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A lot of people know I had a lovely ragdoll, named Mia. We got her from a breeder, Donnas Dollys, when I was 16, and like any normal pet owner, we fell in love with her. Now obviously, she was a big girl, she was 20 pounds. She also had a brother named Max. Max died when he was a year old due to a heart murmur that the breeder failed to tell people about. We were lucky with Mia, she didn’t die until she was 4, from the same cause. I called the breeder, and her husband’s response to me was “that’s like buying a car and saying you might get into a cat accident.” Those were his exact words. Apparently, Donna keeps giving away Ragdolls who have heart murmurs and refuses to give refund. I was 16, and I used my own money, all $800, to get my Mia. What I’m trying to say is, Mia was taken from us too soon, and that Donnas Dollys is a horrible breeder and needs to be stopped. So, if you want, their website is and tell at them.

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